Words of inspiration by Shanna Flowers


A former journalist, Shanna occasionally still is inspired by the muse. Below is some of the work it prompted:

The gospel according to Michael FranksA master lyricist’s words show that love is a universal desire. Following God’s precepts, it is also lasting and enduring.

Has your relationship run its course?“Why did you stay with a man for 21 years with no commitment?” I fumbled for a response. I didn’t have one. Not a legitimate one, anyway.

Single and UnsatisfiedAnyone who views single women through the prism of the reality-show TV vixens of “Basketball Wives” or the fictional characters portrayed on “Single Ladies” is left with an unflattering portrayal of us.

Living Alone Doesn’t Mean Being AloneAs a single woman nearing 50, I want young women to learn far younger than I did that a life alone doesn’t have to be one of loneliness.

I  Love My Hair, TooThere’s something about a woman wearing her hair like a man that provokes unsolicited reactions I’m fairly certain a woman with a nice bob doesn’t get.

My TestimonyTen years ago, by worldly standards, I was at the top of my game. I worked at what was then the world’s largest automaker, General Motors. My salary was six figures. Even though I worked for an American automaker, I drove a German sports car—a black convertible Porsche. By man’s standards, I should have been on top of the world. But in truth, I was miserable.

My ‘Sarah’ MomentI had never thought much of Sarah. But as I kept reading that predawn morning, I began to see Sarah differently. In looking more closely at her, I discovered a woman who achieved her happy ending in her mature years. In Sarah, I saw myself.

2 Responses to “Essays”

  1. Bill Lee says:

    Shanna, I am going to share this with the women of our church and colleagues across the country. I believe this medium will be an excellent resource.

  2. Corrine says:

    Inspiring more and more each time I read it, spread the word to all