The Bible was written for us. Yet too many of us don’t connect it to our daily lives. We deal with the same struggles, joys and worries that folks in Scripture dealt with. When we're confronted with a huge dilemma and wrack our brain trying to figure out what to do, we are Esther. When we tell our husband to back off, we are Vashti. When we get tired of waiting and cry out in anguish, “How long, God?” we are David.

In studying Scripture and teaching it, author Shanna Flowers is skilled at making the Word relevant in our daily lives. Her approach is on display in her new book, The Beauty of the BUT…And other musings of God’s goodness.  Drawing on her life experiences, Shanna pens devotions that incorporate faith into everyday situations such as selecting a computer password, being a sounding board for a distressed friend, or pausing to appreciate the nature around us.


The Beauty of the BUT is a collection of quick-read devotions that synthesizes scriptures in a way that will inspire you in your daily faith walk.

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And other musings of God's goodness